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Update OpenLucius 2021.05.25 | @-mentions, drag-drop images and set own colors

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Last week we released a new version of OpenLucius: a lean and fast open source social collaboration  platform, with features like: groups, social posts, messages, group chats, stories, file -and folder management, notebooks, categories, activity streams, notifications, @-mentions, comments and likes.

What we globally did since last release:

  • Added new features;
  • Enhanced existing features;
  • Tweaked UI / Design.

All work we did was based on feedback we got internally, from our customers -and trial users. And we plan to keep it this way, so if you have ideas for new/better features: let me know!

The fastest way to explore OpenLucius is by trying it. And since a lot has changed, I though I'd make it easy on myself by just showing off with most wanted updates:

Task / Kanban Board (*Sneak peak*)

You can already try this task board in the cloud, but it needs work to get it to an open source release.

Screenshot kanban board

@-mentions (*new*)

What we really missed in previous version where @-mention, so that's now included in texts and chats, with autocomplete:

screenshot @mentions

@group mention: As you can see, you can also mention everyone in current group.

Technical background: via Drupal core's CKEditor this was hard to accomplish, so we tested out other editors and came up with open source editor Summernote, a light-weight editor based on Bootstrap. It's extendable, able to facilitate inline-editing and it's also very nice that it automatically inherits theme styling (since it's not loaded via an iframe). 

Also, we are building a Kanban/Scrum board with highly interactive modals and for example: inline editing of card descriptions and comments. For that we also needed a lean editor.

And last but not least: we could tweak the editor UI, making it blend with the theme smoothly.

Summernote also facilitates drag-and-drop images & texts:

Drag/drop images (*new*)

So drag-and-drop images is now available in all text editors:

screenshot drag and drop images

It also has some great, user friendly, inline image options:

Screenshot image options summernote editor

General settings (*new*)

Set global colors, homepage tabs and homepage image:

screenshot General settings

Order book pages (*new*)

You can now order book pages easily, with unlimited depth:

Screenshot order pages

Get it, got it, get that.

That's it for now, if you want to test Lucius this instant, that of course is possible via this link. Or download and install OpenLucius yourself via the open source project page.

Written by Joris Snoek | May 25, 2021 in Product
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