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Update OpenLucius | Create your own social network with 'Posts' (and 3 other new features)

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We collected user feedback from which new functions were built, we also improved existing features and design. We released them open source and you can use them now in the cloud, 4 highlights:

1. Social network posts

You can now use Lucius as a social network, instantly: let everybody place Posts to share what is happening and create interaction with inline comments and likes. 

Build community and culture out-of-the-box:

social network posts

  1. The 'Posts' section, that is available for all teams, projects or company-wide communities;
  2. Let everybody share what's happening by adding Posts;
  3. Add text, images and videos to the Post;
  5. Inline comments.

Top 3 reasons why companies would like a private social network (open source)

  1. Needed in the new 'remote first' economy;
  2. Branding;
  3. 'Owning my own data'.

2. Like buttons everywhere

We've implemented Like buttons on all applicable content:

  • Messages;
  • Posts;
  • Culture Questions;
  • Comments;
  • Text documents'
  • Files.

3. Count badges

We added these badges for a better overview of what's going on inside your community / team / project:

open source social network badges

4. Permanent banner message

It's now possible to schedule a permanent message on top for important announcements:

social network message

Try it instantly

Would you like to try Lucius right now? Click here to get started.

Open source: install, host and customise it yourself.

Please check this project page on for detailed information.

Feedback / feature requests?

Please let us know your feedback or/and feature requests in the comments below, via our support form or via the open source issue queue.

Written by Joris Snoek | Jul 01, 2020 in Product
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