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Update OpenLucius | Custom section names, group header, group archive and more

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Based on user feedback and own experience, we built new features and tuned existing ones. Here are the updates:

1. Choose your own section names

You can now choose a custom name for each section, you can even provide different names in different groups. Go to the group settings and choose your custom section names:


See your own section names:


2. Upload header image per group

You can now upload a header image in the group settings:

upload header

group header

3. Block and unblock users

User managers were already able to block users, but there wasn't a 'blocked users' list yet. That is now available including 'reactivate' function:

block user

reactive user

4. Archive groups

It's now possible to archive groups and of course also de-archive them:

archive group

You can find the archived groups via the drop down behind 'Groups' in the left sidebar:

groups archive

Unarchive a group If you click on the title of an archived group, you can access it just like an active group and uncheck 'Archive this group' in Group settings.

5. Linked stream items

All items in the activity stream are now linked to the corresponding content details page In example underneath, a message, files and icebreakers:

Stream linked items

Misc tuning

  • Homepage can't be set to a disabled section anymore.
  • Facilitated a default user image.
  • You can't block yourself anymore.
  • You can't remove a role from yourself anymore.
  • Fix for calculating height in stream / chat holder.
  • Stream wrapper auto-sizing fix for optional header.
  • Prevent 'notice' when mailing 0 users.

Try it instantly 

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Install, host and customise it yourself, 100% open source

Please check this project page for detailed information.

Feedback, feature request

Please let us know your feedback or/and feature requests in the comments below, via our support form or via the open source issue queue.

Written by Joris Snoek | Jun 09, 2020 in Product
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