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Always collaborate consistent, scalable and in context.

Task Board

No more task fragmentation in spreadsheets, emails, word docs, exotic task apps or where ever. But a central, scalable place per group to collaborate on tasks easily. 

  • Easy to use for users of all digital levels.
  • Highly interactive: no page refreshes needed.
  • No config needed, works instant out of the box.
  • Facilitates consistent follow ups.
  • Comments per task.
  • Notifications, non-disturbing.
  • Activity stream, so everybody can keep up easily. 
  • Archive option, to keep board clean.
  • Show all active, archived or 'only my tasks'.
  • Add new people easily.
  • Use it for projects, general tasks or private tasks.
  • Collaborate with clients.

Document enriched, in context

Work in company-wide groups, teams and projects.

Enriched file management, always in context

Streamline files and folders

No more file fragmentation in emails and hard drives, but a central place to easily share and manage files and folders. In addition, anyone can use the activity streams can easily see what is happening.

  • Easy file management in groups and / or private.
  • Always the right file version in the right context (who, what, when).
  • Activity streams ensure that everyone is up-to-date quickly and easily.
Everyone always on the same page

Manage, share and secure knowledge

Easy collaboration on knowledge. Also easy to share instant assurance for future group members / employees. Some examples:

  • Handbooks
  • Information for new employees
  • (Project) documentation


Activity streams files

Keeps overview and easily stay up-to-date: what happened when with which file, and by whom.

Lucius heeft unieke features

Open Source

Lucius is 100% open source software.


Start in the cloud, export to a private server if needed.

Custom Branding

Implement your own corporate identity.


Extra needed modules, integrations, functions or permissions possible.


Custom functions, integrations, permissions and designs are possible.

Private hosting

On-premise or private cloud hosting is possible.

Custom authorization

Integrate your in-house authorization server.

Works on all devices

Tested on all major devices and browsers.

Start with the simplest way to work better together.