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how to build a team culture

Social posts

Let people share more casual content: status updates, images, videos and links, build connection.


Building a team culture

Managing teams doesn't have to be that complicated.

Get -and keep your teams together with our built-in culture tools:
Build trust


'Break the ice' within your teams with 5 ready-made, get-to-know-you questions. Kickstart confidence and introduce new team members.

building a discipling culture

Shout outs

Give your team members positive recognition in a meaningful way. Our tool makes it easy and natural to share one-to-one recognition and encourage a culture of trust.

building company culture

Social questions

Build a bond with your team members by asking rotating 'non-work related' questions. Make people laugh, amaze and thus create more connection.

create clarity and save time


Get your team in sync with a weekly or daily status update. With only 1 question you can inform everyone in 1 time.

gain interesting insights

Culture questions

Find out how your team thinks about your company, culture and other work-related topics by asking a rotating question. With these answers you will gain interesting insights.

Why Lucius

Open Source

Lucius is 100% open source software.


Start in the cloud, export to a private server if needed.

Custom Branding

Implement your own corporate identity.


Extra needed modules, integrations, functions or permissions possible.


Custom functions, integrations, permissions and designs are possible.

Private hosting

On-premise or private cloud hosting is possible.

Custom authorization

Integrate your in-house authorization server.

Works on all devices

Tested on all major devices and browsers.

Let's start with an easy way to build culture, together.