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Communicate in context

Company-wide groups, teams or projects.

build connections

Social posts

Let everyone share casual content: status updates, photos, videos and links. Direct interaction with the like button and posting comments.

have an overview

Activity streams

Keep an overview and easily stay up-to-date: activity streams for each group, centrally and per user.

bould connections


With attachments, reactions, notifications and likes: central communication and connection, always in context. Use messages for things like:

  • Company news
  • Project updates
  • Team notices
build connections

Group chats

Communicate centrally, easily find information, easily let new people participate. There are chats for all groups of people:

  • Company-wide chats
  • Chats per team / department
  • Chats per project

Non-disturbing notifications

Stay informed, without being constantly disturbed, the choice is personal:

  • Receive only the most important notifications
  • 'Do not disturb': temporarily receive no notifications
  • Only receive notifications during working hours

Comments everywhere

All content can be discussed via comments with formatting and attachments, some examples:

  • Responses to news items
  • Comments on social posts
  • Responses to ideas

Likes everywhere

All content can be liked, some examples:

  • Like a social post
  • Like the icebreakers of a new colleague
  • Like photos from a team outing

Why Lucius

Open Source

Lucius is 100% open source software.


Start in the cloud, export to a private server if needed.

Custom Branding

Implement your own corporate identity.


Extra needed modules, integrations, functions or permissions possible.


Custom functions, integrations, permissions and designs are possible.

Private hosting

On-premise or private cloud hosting is possible.

Custom authorization

Integrate your in-house authorization server.

Works on all devices

Tested on all major devices and browsers.

Start with the easy way to communicate better