Groups / Channels

You can add groups and add members to it. Content that is shared in a group can only be accessed by the group members. You'll find your groups in the left sidebar.

For example, a group can be a:

  • team;
  • department;
  • project;
  • everybody in your organization.

Add Groups

Click on the drop down icon in the left sidebar and hit 'Add Group':

Add group

Enter a group name:

Add group 2

Group Settings

After you saved the new group, you can configure additional settings:

Group settings

  1. Group name
  2. Enabled sections in this group
  3. Group homepage
    => This section will load when an user clicks on a group in the left sidebar.
  4. Place this group on top in the group list
    => This comes in handy for main groups like for example 'general' and 'random', where everybody in the organization is a member.

Group settings in header menu

You can always change group settings via header menu:

group settings