Messages can be used for example to:

  • share long form content;
  • facilitate discussions;
  • share project messages;
  • provide announcements;
  • send newsletters.

Add new message:

Go to the Messages section and hit '+ Message':

add message

Now you can add your message:

add message modal

  1. Add a title
  2. Add the body, with markup.
  3. Attach multiple files
  4. Notify other group members.

The added message:

Added message

  1. Title;
  2. Body with markup;
  3. File attachments;
  4. Group members can add a comment;
  5. Files can be attached to a comment.

Edit message:

Edit message

  1. On the message page;
  2. Click on the drop down icon and hit 'Edit'.

Remove file attachment from message:

remove file from message

  1. Hit the drop down icon next to the file
  2. Click on 'Remove File'
  3. You'll be asked for a conformation, since the file will be deleted permanently:

remove file from message conformation