Open Source Install Guide

OpenLucius is built on Drupal 9 as a 'distribution', currently (May 2021) all code is hosted on Github. When possible we'll host the install profile on, but right now we get compatibility issues when hosted there.

You can find our central project page on here. More about Drupal install profiles here, a direct link to the repo on Github here.

1. Required install steps

These are the 3 necessary steps to get OpenLucius up and running:

1.1 Create your project with Composer

Open a terminal and create the project with the command underneath, change 'my_project_folder' the folder name of your choice.

composer create-project lucius-digital/openlucius-project:2.0.0-beta1 MY_PROJECT_FOLDER

1.2 Install Drupal / OpenLucius profile

You can install OpenLucius just like installing a vanilla Drupal. If your web environment is set up, browse to your webroot ('my_project_folder/web') and you should get the install screen:

Drupal openlucius install

In the next screen choose the OpenLucius profile and walk through the install wizard:

Installing OpenLucius

During the install, a group '1st Group (example)' will be added automatically, so at the end of the installation your screen should look sort of like this:

OpenLucius open source Install done

1.3 Drupal private files settings

All files are handled via Drupal's private files system, to handle access. So you'll have to set up private files.