Open Source Install Guide | Optional Node.js

1. Node.js for realtimeness

To get the realtime chat working you'll have to set up Node.js:

1.1 Install npm packages

Get into the 'stream' folder:

cd my_project_folder/stream

Install node packages:

npm install
1.2 Start node.js server

Start the Node.js server for local development:

npm run devStart

Start the Node.js server on a production environment:

npm start

When running devStart, nodemon will assist. You should see something like this:

openlucius node.js run devstart

1.3 (!) Secure node.js production environment

To protect your node.js server against cross origin hacks (CORS), you'll have to configure this piece in server.js:

nodejs cors protection

More info about here and here

1.4 Set up node.js server in Drupal / OpenLucius admin settings

As final step, you'll have to enter the node.js server address, so Drupal / OpenLucius knows where it's at. As a Drupal administrator go to and enter the address:

nodejs server setting drupal / openlucius

1.5 Clear all caches

After you clear all Drupal caches, the real-time chat via Node.js should work.